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India Destination Guide is a useful source of information on Tourism Destinations and products of India. The comprehensive information that it provides enables both foreign and domestic travelers to plan their travels to India without much ado. India with its vast boundaries of nature, great treasures of art and culture, tremendous opportunities for leisure, adventure, wildlife, rural and spiritual tourism and unique yoga and ayurveda, wildlife, rural and spiritual tourism and unique yoga and ayurveda healing techniques, provides a variety of enriching experiences to a visitor. Traveling through the country is not just a journey but an experience of a lifetime. India is a land of contrasts – amix of tradition and modernity. The rich tapestry that is India cannot be captured in a single word or expression but “Incredible” comes close enough. India as a tourist destination is going through immense change. Product diversification is being given due consideration with new concepts and products being lunched in the sectors of medical tourism, gold tourism, pilgrim tourism, tourism in North-East India, celebration of marriages, filming locations and facilities in India and circuits of senior citizens. We hope that a journey to India will facilitate and inspire you to rediscover this land where we say “Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning guest is God. In this guide, beyond each major metro, we have looked at secondary cities or getaway cities – for business or for a weekend vacation. You will find information on what is trendy, hip and happening in the metro cities. This guide is ideal for visitors, just as much for an Indian on a domestic travel programme.

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